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Hello, I’m Erica Aitken, owner of Erica Aitken Photography, and I’d like to be your Atlanta Photographer for all of your professional photography needs!

Why, you ask, should I choose Erica Aitken Photography as my professional Atlanta Photographer? Deciding on the right photographer in Atlanta can be overwhelming, as there are many local Atlanta photographers to select from. I think you’ll find that I stand out from other Atlanta photographers in that my business is built around 3 very important principles:

  1. I ensure a genuinely FUN experience for each and every one of my very important clients.
  2. Creativity, CREATIVITY, CrEaTiViTy! (Did you note the emphasis on always being creative?)
  3. I promise to always provide you with the very best prompt customer service.

As your professional Atlanta Photographer it’s my priority to ensure that, from start to finish, you have an overwhelmingly positive experience working with me. Whether you book Erica Aitken Photography as your  professional Atlanta family photographer, your Atlanta headshot photographer, your Atlanta boudoir photographer, your Atlanta event photographer or in any photographic capacity in between, I’ll help you guide you through your Atlanta photography session every step of the way.

An Atlanta photography session with me is never high-pressure or stressful. I won’t make you feel you need to perform; all that’s required of you is a positive attitude and a willingness to do what you do best: interact genuinely with your loved ones and take the time to really experience the authentic emotion in your daily relationships and special occasions. That’s it. You just have to be yourself! Easy, right?

I’ll collaborate with you to make sure we capture the moments you’ll treasure for years to come. As your professional Atlanta Photographer, being a creative powerhouse is absolutely essential. Ultimately, I want you to come away from your Atlanta photography experience knowing with confidence that your session was completely one-of-a-kind and original. From our very first conversation you and I will become a brainstorming team, uniting to make sure your unique style, personality and passions are reflected in every one of your photographs from your professional Atlanta photography session.

Together, we’ll make sure to pick a location for your Atlanta photography session that allows you the freedom to relax, participate in an activity you truly enjoy and just savor spending time with your loved ones. As your professional Atlanta photographer, I’ll take care of everything else and make sure you come away with innovative, artistic and beautiful professionally retouched photographs that will continue to inspire you, forever.

Being a professional Atlanta photographer and a local Atlanta small business owner, I take a lot of pride in providing each and every one of my clients with the very best prompt customer service possible. From the moment you contact me, until your fine art products are hanging beautifully and proudly in your home, I’ll be by your side as your professional Atlanta photographer specialist.

As your professional Atlanta Photographer, I’m able to capture your special occasions and everyday moments across a wide variety of photographic specialties, including the following:

In a photojournalistic style, I’ll capture the meaningful authentic moments that naturally occur in your special relationships. I guarantee that you will have an overwhelmingly positive experience, that your photographs will be creative and unique, and above all, I promise that I will always provide you with the utmost in customer service as your professional Atlanta Photographer.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me today! I can’t wait to get to know you and to collaborate with you!


You can reach me by calling (404) 556-8780 or by using this convenient Contact Form. Whichever method you choose, you’ll quickly discover that I offer the utmost in affordable value combined with a uniquely personalized Atlanta photography experience.

Warmest Wishes from Your Atlanta Photographer,

~Erica Aitken
Erica Aitken Photography
My Atlanta Photographer
Atlanta, Georgia
(404) 556-8780

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